10 Best Medical Scrub Jackets for Nurses and Medical Professionals

In the market for some quality medical scrub jackets? Don’t worry; we’ve curated a concise guide that will keep you in the loop on all the best picks in the line, their pros and cons, and everything else in between! What are Medical Scrub Jackets? Let’s begin with the basics. Does the term “scrub jacket” […]


In the market for some quality medical scrub jackets? Don’t worry; we’ve curated a concise guide that will keep you in the loop on all the best picks in the line, their pros and cons, and everything else in between!

What are Medical Scrub Jackets?

Let’s begin with the basics. Does the term “scrub jacket” sound a tad unfamiliar? Time to jog your memory a bit because anyone who has ever set foot in a hospital would have seen them. The nondescript dark green/white vests that doctors and nurses wear are known as scrubs. 

Scrubs are often ordered in bulk by hospitals from medical uniform manufacturers. They come in different sizes and fits based on the order specifics and can be tailored for both men and women. 

Over the years, medical scrub jackets have evolved in leaps and bounds to include more accessories and customization options. As leaders in the uniform manufacturing industry, RSM Uniforms understands this evolving trend and offers quality scrub jackets for nurses and doctors that place comfort at the forefront. 

Through authentic material sourcing, manufacturing, and stringent quality checks, RSM Uniforms’ service for scrub jackets is on par with medical uniform manufacturers and the industry standards they operate by. This quality is made possible because we prioritize the core aspect of medical scrub design:

  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Versatility

Now that we’ve established the standard for quality medical scrub jackets let’s get right into the listings! Here are the top 10 scrub jackets that promise your money’s worth in the medical field.

10 Best Medical Scrub Jackets for medical professionals

1) French Terrain Unisex Polyester Cotton V-Neck Scrub Suit

V neck Scrub

This offering from medical uniform manufacturers is perfect for clinics and small-scale hospitals. The unisex nature of the scrubs helps cut costs significantly. Mercerized polycotton lends excellent colorfastness and resilience to common stains in the field. For added appeal, the scrubs come in different colors to go in line with the hospital’s branding!

2) WellCare PPE Medical Gown

With these medical scrub jackets, you get the added benefit of complete protection from top to bottom. The gowns are made of free-flowing polyester cotton, giving the fabric the perfect blend of comfort and hardiness. The cuffs and neck fastenings ensure maximum comfort with a tailored fit. Sold in immaculate white, these are the embodiment of traditional scrubs.

3)Denimen Cotton Unisex Medical Scrub Suit 

Denim Scrub

V-neck scrub suits are a popular design choice with medical uniform manufacturers, and with good reason. It allows for a comfortable fit while also complying with the hygiene and safety standards in the field. The addition of a pocket and chain in the bottoms brings a layer of accessorizing to the scrubs.

4)Medizone Superior Surgeon Gown

Surgeon garments require an extra level of detailing while crafting because of the frequent sterilization and washing. Surgeon gowns need to be tear-resistant while also providing comfort, just like scrub jackets for nurses. Gowns like these are unisex and often come in a uniform size for ease of placing orders.

5)Saraf Surgeon Scrub Suit

Surgeon scrub suits are some of the most popular scrubs ordered in the medical field, along with scrub jackets for nurses. Scrub suits like these incorporate a blend of poly-cotton and viscose material. This design choice lends the fabric excellent durability and comfort, which is crucial in the medical field.

6)Sanctum Cotton Doctors Scrub

Unisex Scrub

Since doctors need to respond to emergencies at the drop of a hat, adequate accessories are of paramount importance in medical scrub jackets. In scrubs like these, the inclusion of slide slits, drawstrings, and chain pockets go a long way in establishing maximum versatility for professionals in the medical field.

7)KNYA Med Unisex Scrubs

Versatility is a significant factor to consider for medical uniform manufacturers. That’s why modern medical scrubs come with convenient options like multiple pockets to hold tools like forceps and pens. The viscose-cotton blend also works towards lending durability to the fabric.

8)Proexamine Surgicals Medical Scrubs

Who says medical scrub jackets have to be one-note and drab? Jackets like these offer plenty of personalization through color choice and accessories. Medical uniform manufacturers bring about a stylish statement with these medical garment essentials.

9)IS Indosurgicals Medical Scrubs

The type of fit is crucial when it comes to designing medical scrub jackets. The best fit allows ample ventilation while also not being too cumbersome by getting in the way. Medical scrubs for nurses and doctors that place the wearer’s comfort first are always an ideal pick.

10)PrimeStore Unisex Cotton Scrubs

Medical Scrub uniforms

With unisex cotton scrubs, the fit has to be uniform to accommodate different body frames. To assist with this, these scrub jackets for nurses and doctors often come with elastic and drawstrings to provide a more comfortable fit. The short sleeves also ensure complete convenience for medical professionals to work without any hassles.

The Best Medical Scrub Jackets At RSM Uniforms

Quality is critical when placing an order for scrubs with your medical uniform manufacturers. At RSM Uniforms, we give you a full spectrum of options for medical wear, ranging from customization to branding. To place your order or request a quote from us, contact RSM Uniforms today!

FAQ Releated To Medical Scrub Jackets

1. Are scrub jackets necessary?

Scrub jackets provide additional warmth and protection in healthcare settings, making them essential for healthcare professionals working in chilly environments or requiring extra coverage during procedures.

2. Who wears scrub tops?

Scrub tops are worn by a range of healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, surgeons, and medical assistants, as part of their standard uniform in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities.

3. How often do nurses buy new scrubs?

The frequency of nurses purchasing new scrubs varies depending on personal preference, workplace policies, and wear and tear. Many nurses replace their scrubs periodically to maintain a professional appearance and ensure hygiene standards.

4. What material are medical scrubs made of?

Medical scrubs are typically made from breathable and durable fabrics such as cotton, polyester blends, or performance fabrics like polyester-spandex blends, offering comfort and functionality for healthcare professionals during long shifts.

5. Where to buy medical scrub uniforms in Chennai?

For high-quality medical scrub uniforms in Chennai, consider reputable suppliers like Chennai Uniforms, known for their wide selection of scrubs made from premium materials and tailored for healthcare professionals’ needs.


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