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School uniform blazers are a signature garment for any school and need to be worn with pride. RSM Chennai Uniform is school uniform blazers wholesale supplier since 1985. We manufacture uniforms that are made up of premium quality and contemporary designs at affordable rates to represent your brand value.

We have developed industry-leading standards in the uniform market, which is now followed by many others. We understand uniforms, so whether you are looking for a corporate jacket supplier, uniform blazers, hotel uniformslab uniforms or corporate t-shirt, we can help!

Characteristics Of RSM School Uniform Blazers:

Design– School uniform blazers have come a long way from those long-sleeved jumper over the polo shirt. Today there are tremendous choices available for school students. We at RSM concentrate on designing school uniforms and blazers to look smarter and are functional at the same time. Our blazers give insight to students on how to present themselves for future circumstances potentially.

Fabric – Whether your school follows the tradition of blazers, jackets or suits, RSM Chennai uniforms manufacture all of them using high-performance, durable fabric, in various trendy shades and sizes. Our school uniforms and blazers are made using the material using anti-pilling, shrinkage control, soft finish, colorfastness and durable qualities so that it is maintained easily.

Look and Feel – Students in school uniform blazers are often seen as more competent and knowledgeable. During their tender school years, our children need to focus on their studies, make friends and take advantage of the opportunities given to them. And our uniform blazers are made to support them in this process of building each student a strong character.

Consistency – Schools with multi-location have the benefit of developing a consistent look and feel across all locations. It sends out the message that your students are the same no matter which location they belong to. This kind of consistency builds confidence among students, faculty and the brand equally.

Team Spirit – Students in the same uniform blazer often feel a kinship with their peers, especially when they are out in public. It eradicates all inequalities they may have of location, caste, size, etc. These uniforms only build a sense of camaraderie and team spirit when interacting with each other. This bond of team spirit helps them work together, and be more productive in whatever task they may take up

Customization – With RSM Chennai Uniforms you have the option to strengthen your school’s identity and give your students a sense of unity by featuring your school logo, color, pattern, pockets, badges, etc. We work closely with our craftsmen and send you the flawless sample for your approval before processing. With a number of styles, materials, colors, patterns, embroidery and finish options to choose from, there are actually no limits when it comes to customizing your uniform blazers.

Over To You

Our premium school blazers are designed to be fit, flat and comfortable. We can help you create the look for your students that you envisioned with the help of our designers. We have sustained long in the industry as a school uniform blazers wholesaler and manufacturer, so we understand what it means to get things done on priority and at an affordable price. Call us at +91 9176634635 or visit our store today for more information.


Do you sell uniform blazers for men and women?

Yes, we do sell blazers for men and women. We have a wide range of uniform blazers to choose from under the readily available section.

Do you carry school uniform blazers stock all over the year?

We will be having ready-to-wear blazers available with us. However, your requirement also affects the numbers in the stock. Customized blazers will not be available readily as we will create them only after your sign-off on the design.

Will you do tailor-made or adjustment services for corporate jackets?

Yes, we do provide customized uniforms.

How good your corporate jackets are?

We stand as the top uniform suppliers in the city. We never compromise on the quality standards. Our corporate jackets are incredibly comfortable, soft and have trendy designs. Since we also provide customization, we do the best of what we have.

We have bulk order requirement for uniform blazers, who do I contact for more information?

You can leave your telephone number with us on the chatbot available on the website. Our team will reach out to you in six hours.

Where we find wholesale uniform blazer supplier in Chennai?

RSM provides the best uniform blazers in Chennai. We also take up bulk orders.

For business enquiries and uniform needs, call us @ 91 86678 88212

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