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RSM Uniforms is dedicated to providing the most durable security guard uniforms in the market. Owing to the rise of gated communities across major cities, the demand for competent security personnel has also gone up. A proper uniform is a part and parcel of being part of the security staff, and we ensure you are at your professional best while on the job.

Why RSM Security Uniforms?

What do we offer that sets us apart from other security uniform suppliers? Have a look:

Quality fabric – Feel completely comfortable throughout the day in these uniforms. We aim to strike the perfect balance between durable and comfortable fabric when it comes to our security uniforms.

Customizable fittings – As security uniform suppliers, we realize the importance of looking sharp while on the job. That’s why we offer custom-made fittings that go beyond the conventional S, M, L size options. We make uniforms for YOU, so do get in touch with us for specific fitting requirements.

Ample choice – Just because they’re uniforms, doesn’t mean that they only come in one variation. Here at RSM, we believe in combining the professionalism of security guard uniforms with the individuality that makes every person unique. That’s why we offer you a range of choice that embodies your personality the best. Whether you prefer half-sleeve or full-sleeve shirts, we give you uniforms that you feel natural in.

Colour palette – Single colour uniforms for all is a thing of the past. Every security organization has a look that complements its image the best, and we provide colour choices that embody your brand in the best light. A uniform’s appearance is a window into the organization’s ethics, and we take this as a serious and dedicated commitment to quality.

Our security guard uniforms are designed to bring a smart and efficient look to every employee in the field. We offer you guaranteed satisfaction as a customer when you purchase security uniforms from us. Latest industry standards. As a manufacturer of security uniforms, we sincerely believe that uniforms are much more than just articles of clothing. They are a mirror of your company’s values. We manufacture uniforms that you can wear with pride that conform to the latest industry standards in terms of quality and design.

There’s more to the RSM promise than just quality uniforms and customization options. When you choose RSM, you also get:

Affordable pricing – Our customization and choice options don’t come with expensive price tags. We at RSM give you full access to customize your uniforms the way you want, at affordable rates.

Extensive customer support – Once you place your order with us, we will keep you in the loop every step of the way, and ensure that your every requirement is catered to.

Attention to detail – We believe that every uniform is unique in its own way. Through our customization and attention to quality and detail, we strive to make sure your uniforms feel personalized to you.

For business enquiries and uniform needs, call us @ 91 86678 88212

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