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In professional situations, it’s always important to bring your A-game in terms of looks. There are certain accessories that accentuate the formal look. One of the first things that we visualize when we think of formal Western attire, is black-tie.

One of the trademark formal accessories that are part of any ensemble, is a necktie for men and women. It is paired with a suit and a white shirt so that you look sharp and at your best. A good black-tie is sure to grab eyeballs at any event, earning you a reputation of being a sharp dresser.

You can’t just go with any run-of-the-mill tie, however. When you pick out a tie for a special event, care must be taken to ensure that the tie is a good fit for the rest of your outfit. Right from the fabric to the patterns, it’s important to find the right tie that looks just right.

Why RSM?

As dedicated black-tie suppliers and manufacturers, RSM Uniforms provides quality ties for formal occasions. We understand that formal occasions require a personal touch that is all about looking your best. That’s why we offer a wide variety of options that are best suited to you as well as the occasion.

How you choose to wear your tie is also a question of personal style. Some prefer the traditional approach of a proper black-tie, that complements the white shirt well. Others prefer a more minimalistic statement, through a simple bowtie. Choosing between these two styles depends on personal choice. It’s also a question of the occasion itself. So if you’re looking for custom bow-tie manufacturers, look no further than RSM.

The RSM Edge

Whether you have a big meeting at work or wedding reception to attend, RSM has you covered when it comes to formal ties. Here’s what we offer you to make you look absolutely stunning in our ties:

– Trendy designs: We ensure that our offerings are attuned to the current trends, to make sure your fashion statement is on point.

– Durable fabric:With our neckties for men and women, you can bid adieu to worn-down ties that become shabby with continuous use. Our ties are created keeping durability in mind, to preserve the quality across multiple wearings.

– Smooth texture:RSM provides ties crafted from fabric that is silky-smooth to the touch, for a truly premium feel. As mentioned above, it’s quality that doesn’t fade over time.

– Expert design:We at RSM pay special attention to detail while crafting ties, with a personal level of care to ensure that each product is crafted with nothing short of perfection.


What are your ties made of?

Our black ties are made of top-quality durable and premium fabric that is cotton-based. This makes it perfect for versatile use.

I want to place a bulk order, do you have enough tie stock?

At RSM, we always keep our products well-stocked, to meet the demands of the customer base. This includes support for bulk orders.

Why are your ties more affordable compared to the rest?

We price our products taking into consideration the customer base and other competitive prices in the market. RSM’s formula has always been to provide the best quality at reasonable prices.

Why do people wear ties?

Ties are the hallmark of formal attire. Sporting a classy tie can go a long way in making you look professional. Black ties make for a unique style statement.

What are the different types of ties you supply?

RSM offers a wide selection of ties that let you choose the colour and fabric as per your experience, as per your preference

When you choose RSM as your black-tie supplier and manufacturer, rest assured that you’re getting the best quality products from our end. We keep our products well-stocked, to make sure that they meet the rising demand. We provide the best quality ties, that are custom-made to suit your style. Get in touch with us, to know more and make your formal fashion statement with the best ties!

For business enquiries and uniform needs, call us @ 91 86678 88212

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