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Being housekeeping uniform suppliers for more than 3 decades, RSM Chennai Uniform understands the importance of wearing the right clothes at work. You must consider not just comfort and durability but also the style and versatility for workers to stay productive without potentially worrying about other things. It becomes even more challenging to design a uniform for hotel staff and housekeeping staff because their job is physically demanding. So, keeping all these factors in mind, RSM Chennai Uniforms develops top-quality products with impeccable construction to give your staff timeless good looks and maximum comfort.

What Does A Housekeeping Uniform Represent?

Wearing a housekeeping uniform represents being a part of a reputable organization or a company. It also displays the principles and the level of professionalism a company is following. It projects confidence when the employees appear well-dressed and feel good about their job. On the other hand, a company’s reputation can be thrown out of the window if its employee appears unkempt or sloppy.

History of housekeeping uniforms:-

Housekeeping has been in existence for a really long time. They are indispensable and most needed working forces of people who do really hard work to maintain things neat and tidy. Housekeeping uniforms came into existence because people needed clear distinguishment between housekeeping staff and normal people. It was also indeed necessary for housekeeping staff to wear a comfortable uniform while working. For example, to keep equipment like cleaning brushes, cutleries, cleaning liquid, a space in the costume can hold good. Generally, the housekeeping staff is seen with a white apron and numerous pockets to keep their necessary equipment so that they can carry out their work without any hassles.

What sets RSM Chennai uniforms apart

  • The right fit uniform is curated exclusively to suit each individual.
  • Ultimate comfort in clothing like no other
  • A durable fabric that is resistant to wear tear up to numerous washes
  • Quality of the fabric kept intact with minimum maintenance
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Great color coordination for a smart uniform look
  • Value-added services and clothing
  • Quick delivery services
  • Great value for money
  • Globally trusted source of uniform manufacturing


Features that makes RSM’s housekeeping uniform unique

 The right fit:-

RSM makes sure that the uniforms are designed with the right entities. Be it uniform or any other clothing, the color and fit of the cloth are of utmost importance. RSM makes sure that it designs the uniform for housekeeping staff with the right color that would suit the organization and the specifications and nature of the Work that the housekeeping staff put up. The fitting of the uniform is also important for a comfortable working experience, and RSM makes sure that it designs the uniform as per each individual and their size requirements.  Housekeeping uniform for ladies are also designed with utmost comfort and as per their traditional clothing and requirements. RSM is the right place for the right fit of clothing.

Professionalism and trends on point:-

RSM makes it a point that not just professionalism but also the trend is maintained in the uniform they design and manufacture. Using chic fabrics and giving a perfect cut and fit for the uniform might make it look trendy. At the same time, to ensure comfort, RSM has designed a comfortable shirt that is fit and comfortable. This can be designed as per your company’s needs. Few other housekeeping uniform ideas are simple pants and a shirt with an apron to accompany in the front. The apron can have a holder to accompany with. This the housekeeping staff can make use of to save up their work essentials.  Housekeeping sleeveless coats would also go tremendously well and look trendy on a housekeeping uniform. You can even design uniforms with such specifications and added designs to go within the housekeeping uniform.

Customized services:-

RSM provides customization at its best. Uniforms need to be designed as per the organization and its specifications. Uniforms need to be designed with the company/ brand logo on. There are specific color types for uniforms that differ as per the organization. RSM makes a note of them all and designs uniforms as per the clients’ customizations. Further customizations in terms of pockets, adding extra accessories like masks, aprons, gloves can also be done on request.

Client satisfaction:-

RSM values clients and makes sure to render the best services. We understand that the clients have different needs as per their organization. As a renowned housekeeping uniform supplier in town, RSM makes sure that all the client demands are met. So we keenly listen to them and their needs. Later we curate uniforms using materials and fit that would work well for their organization workers.

Services and Work at its best:-

RSM offers services making use of the fullest of their potential. On-time designing, curation, and delivery of the services are promised with RSM. You just need to tell us what kind of services you want, how you want and when you want, and the rest is assured with us. We will make use of our stitching team to deliver amazing housekeeping uniforms on time for your employees.

Work is an important part and aspect of our life and wearing the right uniform is essential. RSM does its best to deliver the best in picking up the right uniform.


Why should I choose RSM as housekeeping uniform suppliers for my company?

RSM Uniforms provides quality housekeeping uniforms that ensure your complete comfort while also being durable. We also offer customization options for uniforms.

Will I get uniforms for housekeeping staff?

Yes, RSM offers a range of housekeeping staff uniforms that can be fitted and tailored based on your specific requirements. Get in touch with us to know more.

Do you provide housekeeping uniforms for ladies and gents?

We provide uniforms for both ladies and gents, catering to specific fitting requirements in both cases. We can customize the uniforms according to your needs.

Are your housekeeping uniforms ethically manufactured?

Our uniforms are manufactured according to the latest industry standards and are manufactured ethically every step of the way, to bring the best quality uniforms to our clients.

How will I know what size to buy?

Prior to placing your order, you can always consult with us to finalize the size you require, along with the specific fittings and customization requirements you will be needing.

What payment methods do you accept for purchasing uniforms?

Depending on the quantity of the order and the type of garment, the payment methods we provide will differ. Contact us to settle on a payment method for your order.

Do you offer customization choices?

Yes, we offer a wide range of customization choices on our uniforms, from logo placements to embroidery. Get in touch with us to know more.

For business enquiries and uniform needs, call us @ 91 86678 88212

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