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Waistcoats or vests were created as a style statement by the English. It is the third piece of clothing that often compliments with a formal shirt and trousers. The waistcoat as the name describes is made by cutting off a coat at the waist level. Generally speaking, a waistcoat is tight fitted and is close to the body thus giving some warmth and acts as an insulation. It gives a smart look to a person’s frame and is also considered to be formal wear of clothing.

Not only men but women too have a taste to picking waistcoats that give a good smart look. There are wide ranges of waistcoats. It can be with or without lapels, double or single-breasted, Printed or plain, etc. Whatever be the requirement, RSM offers a wide range of options in waistcoats. After having established a good and successful business in the market, one can trust us with their choice of output.

RSM Waistcoats

We are the leading waistcoat manufacturers and suppliers in Chennai. It’s a cliche that waistcoats go well with men’s formals. We have a qualitative collection of waistcoats for women too. Be it design, colour or quality, we offer the best. We have a wide range of vests and work uniforms that are manufactured by industry specialists with high standards of quality. We are also the leading men’s designer waistcoat manufacturers in Chennai. Here are the reasons to pick RSM as your first choice:

– High grade fabrics

– In par with the current industry standards

– Best services with exceptional industry-trained manufacturers

– Modern techniques and machinery to provide a perfect cut

– Wide options to choose from

An Edge Over Other Brands:

Quality checks – We make sure to screen the fabrics through a series of tests to ensure good standards and quality. Irrespective of whether they’re customized or pre-drafted, we check every single product to maintain consistent and uniform quality.

Elegant Designs – Waistcoats can be of different colours, designs and models. We provide the most elegant and on-trend designs. There is a wide range of options to choose from.

Durability – Waistcoats are used as a style statement and also as formal wear in various institutions. We at RSM make sure in providing the best of durability to fit various industry requirements.

Skin Friendly – Some fabrics may be harsh on the skin. We check and make sure, the fabric chosen is mild and soft on the skin thus not making things uncomfortable. We keep physical comfort as top priority while making the outfits.

Advanced Quality – By catering to the current industry standards, we make sure in picking the right quality of fabric for the right requirement. Any design or any model, we choose the correct quality that suits the silhouette in the best way.

Smoothness – The choice of fabric is done keeping in mind the comfort of a person who wears it. Aggressive and rough fabrics and finishing tend to pull off the quality of the design. RSM takes commitment seriously and so we make the right choices to give the perfect and smooth finishing for the clothes.

If waistcoats are standardized, people would not prefer it. Every person has their design and choice along with a motive behind getting a waistcoat. We address this by providing customized waistcoats. We manufacture them as per the client’s requirement while making sure on not compromising on the quality and standards. As leading designer waistcoat manufacturers and providers in the market for uniforms and waistcoats, we make sure that quality is never compromised. We aim at delivering the best for our customers.


Who is the best trouser manufacturers in the city?

Readymade waistcoats are available at any upscale clothing store in the city. For more custom-made fits, you can approach organizations such as RSM to fulfil those specific requirements.

Do you provide waistcoats with and without sleeves?

Yes, RSM provides ample customization options for waistcoats, letting you personalize them the way you require.

Do you supply waistcoats for men and women?

Our waistcoats are suitable for men as well as women. We provide optimum fits that last long and look good.

What is the difference between a waistcoat and a gilet?

A waistcoat is an ornamental garment that is worn over a shirt or doublet, while a gilet is a type of sleeveless jacket. It is essentially a question of functionality over appearances.

Will I get tailor-made jackets and waistcoats?

Yes, many companies provide custom-fit jackets and waistcoats, catering to specific measurements and requirements. RSM Uniforms offers quality waistcoats that can be customized to specific demands.

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