Taffeta Labels

Taffeta Labels

They make a great option for businesses looking to save costs. They are even inexpensive as compared to damask labels. RSM uniforms have been known as one of the top company uniform suppliers and uniform wholesale suppliers in Chennai. We have also been long known for manufacturing a huge range of these Taffeta Labels too. Taffeta labels manufactured under RSM are fabricated using supreme quality material. Our labels fulfill various purposes of the apparel and textile industry and therefore are also available in multi-colored printings and tags.

RSM taffeta labels are highly durable and come at the most competitive prices. Taffeta Label is designed and manufactured keeping in mind the industry standards and hence is highly durable and carries high resistance to processes like steam pressing and dry cleaning. RSM labels are specifically created to emerge as highly suitable for garments and soft toys. RSM is one of those uniform manufacturing companies known to offer the best. Therefore, a lot of industries, the especially textile industry prefer taffeta labels manufactured at RSM owing to its commitment to offer the most durable and reliable labels in the market.

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