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Looking for modern yet contemporary lab coats in Chennai? RSM Chennai Uniforms is one of the leading laboratory uniform suppliers in Chennai with the most impressive and diverse collections of medical lab coats you will ever come across. It’s been 3 decades that we are serving as medical lab coat suppliers in Chennai and have surpassed all challenges this industry put in front of us.

RSM Chennai Uniform team has immense respect for people working in the medical industry because they are responsive and empathetic towards people. Professionals working in medical labs have larger roles to play such as collecting information, sampling, reporting, testing, and investigating. That’s why we use advanced performing fabric and functional designs for lab technicians. Our lab coats are made to exude sophistication, confidence, and deep-seated aptitude amongst the wearer.

As medical lab coat suppliers, we believe lab coats should be all about comfort, professionalism, and protection. Apart from making you feel comfortable; a lab coat should symbolize professionalism and act as your personal protective gear. Our uniforms and lab coats are known for their long-lasting quality and easy-to-maintain factors. Here are some reasons why you should choose RSM as your medical lab coat suppliers

Why Choose Lab Coats From RSM Chennai Uniforms?

Made with Protective Materials – Our lab coats are made with highly concentrative fabrics to prevent the wearer from various hazardous elements. We make lab coats in Chennai with the blend of polyester and cotton because polyester has chemical resistance quality, whilst cotton is known for its semi-fire retardant properties. Materials used in our lab coats will protect you from regular dust, stain, dirt and non-obvious contamination when working in the laboratory. Our lab coats also made keeping cross-contamination prevention in mind.

Ideal for Students and Professionals – Lab coats designed by RSM Chennai Uniforms offers substantial barrier shield and protect your torso and arms from the direct contact of hazardous substances such as acids, toxic molecules, bases and salts that are used in a laboratory. These substances when hit will be absorbed by your coat rather than reaching your clothes. These lab coats are also crafted to give you sufficient protection against any spills of liquids and fire. Meaning, you will have sufficient time to take off your coat and not be affected in case of any accidents.

Exceptionally functional designs – Our lab coats are meant to help people working under laboratories covering all possible features. These coats have long front/side pockets and long elastic sleeves to protect your arms from potential hazardous spills and splashes. Snap closure on the front helps in the easy and fast removal of the coat in case of contamination, spills or fire. Not to mention, our uniform scrubs and coats help you look sharp and feeling good when at work. And of course, RSM is known for its customization. Ask for traditional options, different sizes, multiple pockets, or any other configurations in your lab coat, our talented craftsmen will have you covered.

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Why should you opt-out Chennai uniforms as a vendor for lab coats?

Being one of the best medical coat suppliers, we offer coats of concentrative coat fabric with a blend of polyester and cotton which is ideal for students and professionals.

Do you offer medical lab coats for Men and Women?

Yes, RSM provi??des the best quality lab coats for both men and women with different designs catered according to your needs.

What kind of lab coats do you offer for sale?

We offer a wide range of lab coats starting from housekeeping overcoat to overcoats for trainees working in an organisation. All these lab coats can be customizable according to your needs and come in different colours

Are all your lab coats are ready to wear?

Most of our lab coats are ready to wear but you can customize it for your utility. RSM offers a wide variety of clothing to choose from.

Will I get lab coats for a medical professional?

Yes, all the lab coats are tailored for professional uses and suited for your day to day work. These lab coats help you look professional and sleek at the same time.

How do I choose the best lab coats in Chennai?

You can choose a lot of different lab coats from different retail stores across Chennai but RSM helps you get all different lab coats in one roof with a variety of choices.

Does your lab coat protect from accidental spills?

Yes, all the lab coats are made by concentrative fabrics that prevent the wearer from various hazardous materials like dust, stains and acids because of the blend between polyester and cotton.

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