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RSM Uniforms is your one-stop shop in Chennai for high-quality t-shirts and uniforms. We offer an extensive catalogue of t-shirts and uniforms to meet your needs as a leading t-shirt supplier and plain t-shirt wholesale distributor in Chennai.

Our t-shirt catalogue includes a variety of styles, colours, and sizes to accommodate any occasion. We have plain t-shirts, printed t-shirts, and branded t-shirts to suit your needs. Our t-shirts are made of high-quality materials that are comfortable, durable, and long-lasting, giving you the best value for the company. 

Our range of t-shirts and uniforms suits various industries, including hospitality, healthcare, education, and corporate sectors. We understand that each industry has specific requirements, and we cater to them by offering customised solutions.

Customer Satisfaction Comes First!

We have a team of experienced designers who can create personalised designs and logos on t-shirts and uniforms to promote your brand. We use advanced printing techniques to ensure the prints are durable and long-lasting, even after multiple washes.

As a leading t-shirt wholesaler in Chennai, we take pride in our excellent customer service. Our team is always ready to assist you in choosing the right t-shirts for your needs, answering your queries, and providing after-sales support. We also offer a fast and reliable delivery service to ensure that you receive your orders on time.

As one of the leading t-shirt wholesalers in Chennai, we take pride in offering low prices and excellent customer service. We recognise that each customer has unique requirements, and we strive to provide personalised service.

Explore our range of comfortable and professional uniforms

In addition to t-shirts, we also offer a range of uniforms, including lab coats, aprons, chef coats, and more. Our uniforms are designed to provide comfort and functionality while also promoting a professional image for your business.

At RSM Chennaiuniforms, we are committed to delivering high-quality products at competitive prices. We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers and strive to exceed their expectations with every order. Contact us today to learn more about our range of t-shirts and uniforms and how we can help you promote your brand.


1. What makes a t-shirt expensive?

The most common factor that affects the price of t-shirts is the fabric used. Also, the complexity of design and quality play a vital role in making t-shirts expensive.

2. Can I print my logo on t-shirts?

Yes, you can customise your t-shirt with your logo.

3. What type of t-shirt is the best quality?

Cotton is one of the most beloved fabrics by most people and is also considered to be one of the best fabrics to make t-shirts.

4. What is the perfect length for t-shirts?

Your t-shirt has the perfect length if your belly stays covered when you lift your arms.

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