Corporate T-Shirt Supplier

Corporate T-Shirt Supplier

RSM Chennai Uniform is serving as one of the finest corporate clothing manufactures and other uniforms since 1985. What makes us truly different from other uniform suppliers in Chennai is our belief in using fresh, advanced and most innovative methods of crafting uniforms. Along with high-end tools and equipment, we also accommodate staffs that are experts in customer service, graphics designing, printing, and embroidery. We are proud to be a t-shirt corporate manufactures in Chennai, and we owe a huge thanks to our loyal clients who helped us grow over the years.

At RSM, We Seek To Offer You The Following:

  • We bring you the most interesting and quality fabric corporate t-shirts for branding and promoting purposes.
  • Work with the most fashionable designer to customize your t-shirt so that it stands out in the industry.
  • Our customization of the corporate t-shirt includes impressive patterns, designs, company logo, and sizes, which is implemented in the most authentic style.
  • We put people first by doing whatever it takes to make your employees feel special and needed.
  • By dealing with RSM Chennai Uniform you will have long-lasting, skin-friendly and easy to maintain apparel.
  • We bet to exceed your expectations regarding pricing, delivery time, packaging, fabric, and design.
  • We don’t believe in hidden charges, so we have an open discussion about the price we charge during the entire process.
  • We promise to add the wow factor to your corporate t-shirt.
  • We are available over call and chat for any kind of query, so never hesitate to reach us.
  • If you got the knack for the style and affinity for the brand, we can be your choice for bringing “swag” in your company’s t-shirt.
  • We manufacture our clothes in-house, so there is no compromise on quality even for bulk projects.
  • We can make custom print t-shirts for all kinds of tee including, polo t-shirt, round neck, V neck and more.

How RSM Corporate T-Shirt Can Help Incorporate Branding?

No matter if you have a website, legal documents, etc in your organization, you will be remembered well if your employees are moving around in a company t-shirt. Custom print t-shirts are a long-tested method for corporate branding which further creates brand loyalty and credibility.

You must have heard it “a picture is worth a thousand words”, which goes the same in branding. Through strategic visuals, logo, handful text, a solid t-shirt design can tell the world what your brand is all about and what you can truly offer. A customer will set a level of quality in his/her mind whenever your company comes in contact. Let your corporate tee be a walking advertisement to create buzz and increase impressions.

Corporate branding can be done in many ways, but nothing is more effective than corporate t-shirts. It has the ability to make your products and services a hit without much investment. Being a corporate t-shirt manufacturer in Chennai, we accommodate hundreds of styles and design options for the employee to look and feel good. We have a great collection for men, women, and youth apparel. We can design and manufacture custom t-shirt for sports events, clubs, promotional events, gifts and more. Your corporate branding is just a call away, so call us now and promote your brand.


Why should I choose corporate clothing from Chennai Uniforms?

We have 35 years of experience in the field of manufacturing uniforms. With the experts and high-quality raw materials that we use, we provide top-notch output. We choose fabrics that feel light and soft for your skin and making you look smart at the same time. Our quality is what our customers speak about. Also, we provide timely delivery.

How will I find the right corporate t-shirt manufacturers in Chennai?
It can be tricky to find the right manufacturer who can accept bulk orders at the same time provide a quality output. At RSM, we make sure that the quality is not compromised as we choose our raw materials with great care.
We want to place a single order, will you assist?
We specialize in bulk ordering. We do not encourage single orders as we have machinery that caters to bulk manufacturing. We will take up orders with a minimum requirement of 10-15 numbers.
Do your design works well with modern corporate uniforms?
Yes, we have a wide range of designs that caters to every requirement and need of yours. While we have pre-designed uniforms, we also take up customization that will help you design the outfit as per your necessity.
Do you do embroidery and custom printing for corporate t-shirts?

Yes, we do embroider and print on uniforms. All we will need is your requirements for the output.

How should I order corporate clothing from Chennai Uniforms?

You can call us directly at 044-42326319 or 91-9176634635. If you want us to call you, you can leave your number with us on the chatbox available on the website.

For business enquiries and uniform needs, call us @ 91 86678 88212

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