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With over 35 years of experience as a wholesale uniform manufacturer in Chennai, we have a deep understanding of the needs of our schools, parents, and students. Our uniform supplies offer Chennai’s largest selection of school uniform pants, shirts, skirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, blazers, school sports uniforms and more. We understand school uniforms should be designed to reflect the personality of institutes and academies to promote unity and discipline among students. With that in mind, RSM Uniforms brings out long-lasting comfort in its products and a versatility that is appreciated the world over.

One Of Chennai’s Premier School Uniform Suppliers, Our Services Include:

  • High-quality durable items
  • Custom wholesale uniforms
  • Diverse color combinations and patterns
  • Branding through embroidered school emblems
  • Fresh and unique designs (suitable for students and staff)
  • Readily available stock in various sizes
  • Premium fabric for maximum comfort
  • On-time delivery
  • Affordable pricing
  • Outstanding service and an unmatched commitment

Unique Features Of RSM School Uniforms

Reflecting discipline – Our school uniform supplies enhance schooling spirit, self-discipline, and school unity. Attractive designs and patterns make students feel good about themselves, which certainly boosts school unity and pride.

Range of size for all kids – RSM School Uniform Wholesale Distributors understand that school uniforms with optimum fit help students express themselves better, especially during personal and academic achievements. That is the reason we customize school uniforms in various sizes for all students and ensure a great fit.

Comfort, all day long – On average, a child spends about 250 days in school. These days, this includes time spent on sports, food, dance, studies, and many other activities. Therefore, we design uniforms that are comfortable, sustainable, and durable.

Skin-friendly fabric – At RSM, we believe it is our duty to not just make school uniforms, but all varieties of uniforms that are skin-friendly. We design uniforms that are skin-friendly that can be worn for a longer time. All our fabrics go through various levels of tests before final production.

Affordable school uniforms – With the cost of school fees and school clothing for children at a high, RSM offers uniforms that are affordable and made with durability. Even customized school uniforms can be purchased at a competitive price.

The Guiding Principles Of RSM Are Based On Trust, Respect And Ethical Business.

Trust is the core value of our relationships with schools and parents. We maintain our trust with them by delivering excellent uniforms, great services, support and guidance.

We know no other way of doing business than doing ethical business. We make sure our uniforms and other products are manufactured ethically keeping environmental factors in mind. They are always supplied in good condition, which makes us the leading school uniform fabric manufacturers in the country.

RSM Chennai Uniforms always respect their employees and clients in the best possible way. With a strong commitment and exceptional service, our organization has been providing uniform solutions to various sectors since 1985.

Contact our expert team for further details and we will assist you through the process of designing, manufacturing, and shipping.

Contact our expert team for further details and we will assist you through the process of designing, manufacturing, and shipping.


Who is the best wholesale uniform manufacturer in Chennai?

There are many wholesale uniform manufacturers in Chennai that offer value-for-money products to clients. RSM Uniforms is one such supplier that has made a name for itself through its dedication to quality.

What makes RSM the best school uniform wholesale distributors in Chennai?
RSM is among the best wholesale uniform manufacturers in the city because of the attention to detail we confer to every order, and the customization options we offer to our clients.
How to pick the right school uniform fabric manufacturers for readymade school uniforms?
Go with a school uniform manufacturer that has transparent operations and is completely open about the type of fabric they use. RSM Uniforms uses only the best quality fabric for its products.
What fabric do you use for school uniforms?
Our school uniforms are crafted using a cotton-based material that combines durability with complete comfort to ensure that the uniforms are a great fit for students.
What are the characteristics of a good school uniform?

A good school uniform should have the following attributes, wear-and-tear resistance, comfort, easy to wash and maintain, colours should hold fast despite multiple washes

Do you provide school uniforms at affordable prices for all schools in Chennai?

RSM offers quality uniforms that can be tailor-made and customized for a wide range of schools in Chennai. Contact us to know more about the products we have on offer.

Can I download the school uniform catalogue?

You can check out our catalogue of products by providing us with your mail ID on the website. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us over call to know more about our products.

For business enquiries and uniform needs, call us @ 91 86678 88212

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