7 Reasons Why is Wearing a Lab Coat Important In Laboratory

Have you ever wondered about doctor lab coats and why they are worn mandatorily by lab technicians and medical and health professionals? Read on! In this article, we will discuss about why is wearing a lab coat important in laboratory. Medical lab coats and why you should wear one when in a laboratory. What are […]

why is wearing a lab coat important

Have you ever wondered about doctor lab coats and why they are worn mandatorily by lab technicians and medical and health professionals? Read on! In this article, we will discuss about why is wearing a lab coat important in laboratory. Medical lab coats and why you should wear one when in a laboratory.

What are lab coats?

Are you someone who works in a laboratory? Then you must be aware of medical lab coats and their importance. Lab coats are not just something that says you are a professional in the science field, but they are also protective gears that keep you safe when extensively exposed to radiation and chemicals. 

Lab coats are garments that are worn over regular clothes or uniforms by doctors, scientists, lab technicians, and other medical professionals when in a laboratory. Popularly known as doctor lab coats, these are nothing but overcoats worn in labs. Lab coats predominantly come in white, but many lab coat uniform suppliers and lab coat manufacturers do customize according to your needs. 

Lab coats are unsung heroes for people whose jobs are confined to the walls of laboratories. They deal with chemicals and are constantly exposed to radiation. Lab coats are overcoats that often protect technicians and doctors and prevent exposure to chemical radiation, thereby reinforcing a safer work environment. 

Let us discuss more doctor lab coats and why you must wear your lab coat when you are in a laboratory in the next section. 

Here are 7 reasons why is wearing a lab coat important in laboratory

Apart from being the formal attire for people working in the field of science, doctor lab coats come with an array of reasons that support why you should wear one when you are in the laboratory. Let’s discuss the 7 reasons why you should wear a lab coat in the laboratory. 

1. Protection from fire

Fire Protection

Doctor lab coats provide you with protection from inflammable substances. They are semi-fire retardants. The materials comprise 35% polyester and 65% cotton that prevents the lab coats from catching fire. This mix also makes the coats easy to maintain, while the cotton provides fire-resistant properties.

While ordering your lab coat from lab coat manufacturers, ask them for their advice on the material mix. With their experience, they will be able to provide you with the best and the safest lab coat.

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2. Acts as a barrier

Doctor lab coats act as a barrier and protect you from being over-exposed to chemicals and radiation in the lab. Since you will be spending a lot of time in the lab, radiation exposure is inevitable. Lab coats ensure that your work clothes and the rest of your body are protected from any chemical spills, splashes, and drops that may occur while working in the lab.

Lab coats are barriers that protect you from any accidents that are prone to occur in the laboratory. If you don’t use a lab coat, contact a lab coat manufacturer and get your lab coat designed right away!

3. Protects you from cross-contamination

Cross contamination

At the end of the day, you leave your doctor’s lab coat behind when you leave work. This keeps everything from the lab in the lab. There is no way you carry any kind of contamination from the lab, outside, and vice versa. The only way cross-contamination is possible is through your exposed hands and skin.

This can also be well-prevented if you wear full lab safety gear and equipment that will keep your arms, feet, and other parts of exposed skin covered. 

4. Protects your regular clothes

Doctor lab coats are designed to not only protect your skin from being exposed to the hazardous chemicals that labs can radiate, but they also protect your regular clothes from splashes, stains, and drops that are prone to happen in the laboratory.

Lab coat manufacturers and lab coat suppliers today offer a variety of designs and cuts in lab coats. You can custom-make your lab coat to ensure your regular clothes are completely protected at all times in the lab. 

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5. Covers your arms and sleeves

Lab coat Full Cover

With doctor lab coats, your arms and sleeves are entirely covered, as they are full-sleeved overcoats. This, again, prevents your skin from being exposed to the dangerous chemical that the laboratory radiates.

If you are getting your lab coat custom-made from lab coat manufacturers, make sure they are full-sleeved so that your arms are covered. 

6. Easily removable

In case you are met with an emergency – if your doctor’s lab coat catches fire, you can remove them in an instant! They are simple and straightforward clothing with no complicated designs and cuts. This makes it easier for you to remove them anytime, quickly and easily. 

7. Gives you a professional look

Proffesional look

Doctor lab coats give you the perfect professional look you need at work. A neatly designed lab coat gives you the much-needed serious and competent look at work while also speaking volumes about the finesses of your organization, that is why is wearing a lab coat important.

Make sure you stitch your lab coat to perfection. Choose an experienced lab coat supplier to do the job for you.

Are you a science professional whose work is predominantly confined to a laboratory? Let us know your reasons why one should wear a lab coat inside a lab in the comments section below!

If you are looking for lab coat manufacturers, feel free to reach out to RSM Chennai Uniforms! At RSM, we are a team of highly experienced professionals who know our way around designing some of the best doctor lab coats, amongst other uniforms! 

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Why Is Wearing a Lab Coat Important – FAQ’s

1. What is a lab coat for?

In laboratories and other scientific contexts, lab coats are worn as protective clothing. They serve as a barrier, protecting your skin and clothing from dust, spills, and splashes that could be contaminated with bacteria, allergies, or dangerous substances.

2. Do I always need to wear a lab coat?

Depending on the particular lab setting and the nature of the work being done, yes. For guidelines, refer to safety regulations or your supervisor. Generally speaking, lab coats are necessary when handling pathogens, hazardous materials, or anything else that might irritate your skin or damage your clothing.

3. How do I clean my lab coat?

Depending on the materials used in the lab and any possible contaminants, different cleaning techniques will be employed. Observe the particular guidelines that your employer has provided. In order to prevent cross-contamination, lab coats should typically be laundered apart from regular clothing.


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